Jesse Beery

Professor Jesse Beery was born to Enoch and Mary Beery on June 13, 1861.  The family of eight lived in Pleasant Hill, Ohio where Enoch farmed until the age of 82.  Mary Beery died when Jesse was only 7 years old, but his father lived until 1905 which marked an end to 50 years served as deacon in the German Baptist Church.  Jesse attended school at Pleasant Hill and Covington, helped out on the family farm, and found he had both an interest and gift for controlling animals at a very young age.

He knew his skill with animals was valuable, and soon traveled all over the country to show everyone his methods.  Whether at fairs, expositions, or private gatherings, all who watched were amazed to find someone with such training mastery.  16 years went by as Jesse continued to amaze the country with his methods, and soon he had more business than he could manage anywhere he went.

In 1905 Jesse Beery decided to return to his home town and found a school called the Jesse Beery School of Correspondence in Horsemanship.  His goal was to transfer the knowledge and techniques he had developed to everyone.  People were amazed at his practical approach to horse training, and to this day he remains one of the few horse trainers to have such wide-spread impact.

Not only did Professor Beery have extraordinary skill with training methods, but he also invented an assortment of tools to better control the animals he worked with.  His collection of bits, bridles, and other assorted tools have proven as invaluable aids to thousands of people over the years.

Anyone with a desire to train their horse safely and quickly can benefit from Jesse Beery’s knowledge; his time-proven methods are among the few truly effective approaches to this daunting task.  His school received uncounted numbers of letters over the years, thanks and praise for his system making up a large portion of his correspondence.

Jesse Beery died in February of 1945, but his legendary mark on the field of horse training remains unscathed. It would be impossible to measure the reach of Beery’s instruction, but the thousands of people that have benefited from his methods present a never-ending testimony for his efforts. An instructor, pioneer, inventor, and true master in his field, Jesse Beery is a name that will be commonly spoken in horse training for many years to come.

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